Benefits of Outsourcing

Outsourcing of employees is a viable way for companies to control cost and avoid diverting company resources for hiring and Rig workers and a standby boattraining a permanent employee.

Through our professional contract personnel, PSL offers clients a valuable alternative to fixed labor and benefits costs:

  • Outsourcing through PSL allows your company to budget labor at a fixed rate. Labor cost accrues only when you need it with no hidden fees. This makes the total cost of ownership for a project more determinable.
  • Safety, environment, EMS and logistics personnel require qualifications that must be maintained and updated. PSL ensures that our employees maintain the appropriate certifications on behalf of our clients. If training is required there is no lost work time on your project since we maintain a team of professionals that can usually be placed at your location to fill the gap.
  • PSL bears the cost of any unemployment compensation. There are no emotional burdens on our client when an outsourced employee must be transferred or terminated.
  • Worker’s compensation and other insurance costs are carried by PSL. Our client’s employer liabilities are reduced, thereby reducing risk of a claim or lawsuit, and saving them money.
  • PSL bears the cost of recruiting, selecting and hiring. The costs of drug screens, criminal background checks, Safegulf(Land) and orientation are borne by PSL for each employee.
  • PSL attempts to recruit talent based upon a customer’s requirement and their budget. We offer our employees a high percentage of our billing rate and company paid medical, dental, 401K, LTD and etc. This makes for a more motivated employee who reduces turnover for us and our customer. Many of our employees have been employed with us for many years. We have been under the same management since 1994.
  • If, for any reason you or your onsite supervisor is not happy with the work performance of a particular outsourced employee, PSL will replace that individual as soon as is practical, reducing the burden on your management staff.
  • PSL indemnifies the client for liability from lawsuits for its employees by contract. We carry General Liability, Paramedic Professional Liability and other insurance at our cost to cover the risks of our operations.
  • PSL maintains Worker’s Compensation Insurance for its employees (FOREIGN, USL&H and Maritime).
  • PSL has a medical director available for consultation and supervises our paramedics in the administration of medicines.
For more information on PSL services and to contract a PSL professional, contact Kenny Sisung by email at or by phone at (800) 468-7493.